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The Rabbit Hole in Ann Arbor Offers Speakeasy Vibe

Underground venue appeals to groups looking for a fun, local experience

By Kathy Gibbons

The Alley at Ann Arbor’s The Circ Bar || Photo by Sarah Yoon, courtesy of The Circ Bar

When Destination Ann Arbor National Sales Account Executive Kristy Poore is helping groups set itineraries for activities in her area, she likes to highlight attractions that are “different and fun” and tell a little about the locale’s story.

Lately, that’s included sending groups to the Rabbit Hole speakeasy, an underground venue that opened last year under The Circ Bar. Both are owned by Krazieye Productions and are located in a historic building that housed one of the first breweries in Ann Arbor when it was built in the 1850s, Poore says.

According to archival information from the Ann Arbor District Library, the property went on to be acquired by Ann Arbor Central Mills in 1882. It became the nucleus for a flour mill operation that continued into the 20th century, though the beer industry still remained connected to part of the property.

That history only adds to the allure for groups, says Poore, adding, “When touring the space, you can totally imagine it being used as a speakeasy, which lends itself to incorporating that vibe into events.”

The Circ Bar is composed of three different bars—an outdoor, covered tiki-themed area, a rooftop deck and lounge, and a main bar with multiple spaces available for events of varying sizes.

The Rabbit Hole offers several “Vault” areas. || Photo by Sarah Yoon, courtesy of The Circ Bar

Seating in the Rabbit Hole is included in long, dark tunnels that have been renovated with seven distinct spaces all told. A mixologist sets the tone for higher-end cocktails. “We now have DJs down there—we also have a dance floor that has a lot of higher-end lighting, lasers, and glow lights,” says The Circ Bar Floor Manager Hailey Udebrock. Guests can order food from the menu at The Circ Bar, where patrons will also find DJs and dancing.

Two Ten Events is the entity under which private events and venue rentals are handled for both The Circ Bar and Rabbit Hole. Groups can tailor plans to suit their needs, Udebrock notes. “Each space is available for rental,” she says. “We’ve done weddings, we work with [University of Michigan’s] Ross Business School a lot … we go from weddings to business meetings to baby showers—whatever the client wants.”

The Circ Bar can accommodate groups of up to 375. Rabbit Hole, which Udebrock describes as “a really nice, intimate spot,” can host up to about 200 attendees.