Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Two Promoted at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire

By Kathy Gibbons

Shanty Creek Resort has promoted two longtime staffers in its marketing and sales and lodging departments.

Tracey Ramsey’s new role is vice president of sales and lodging, which she says will offer her a “major part” in decision making, changes, and improvements going forward. Ramsey has held several positions at the Bellaire resort, working her way from server to conference services manager to senior sales manager, and most recently, director of sales. She describes how she came to spend a summer on Torch Lake at age 19 and ended up as a waitress by the end of the summer. That was 33 years ago.

“I have forged a career here, but it’s not just a job,” she says. “I’ve built my life here, raised my family here, and have cultivated lifelong friendships at the resort. It’s important that I protect my investment. There are a lot of reasons to ensure this company is successful.”

Participating in Shanty Creek’s marketing and public relations initiatives since 2002, Lindsey Southwell is now director of marketing. She’s excited about her new role and the potential for what she’ll be able to accomplish.

“Marketing and technology is ever evolving,” Southwell says. “Guests today don’t want the same thing they wanted back when I started my career … as marketing evolves, so does my role as marketing director. It used to be that marketing was oftentimes synonymous with advertising. And while advertising it part of what I do, new technologies in social media and communications have evolved what I do into something much more meaningful—making connections.”

She also says promoting the concept of people having fun is, well fun: from lodging, meetings, golf, downhill skiing, tubing, dogsledding, hiking, and biking, to beaches and shopping and dining in Bellaire. Meanwhile, she’s happy to be part of a team that approaches what they do from an all-for-one, one-for-all standpoint.

“When housekeeping needs help making beds, food and beverage needs help clearing tables, or we need someone to dance as our resort mascot, King Daniel, in a TikTok, it’s all hands on deck,” she says. “The teamwork that’s been so instrumental in the success of this resort makes me proud of the people that I work with every day.”