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New Manistee Hampton Inn & Suites to Open

Waterfront setting, meeting space among features

By Kathy Gibbons

A rendering of the new Manistee Hampton Inn & Suites Waterfront. CREDIT Ghafari Associates

Manistee is getting a new waterfront Hampton Inn & Suites. Opening in time for the community’s busy summer tourist season, the $27.5 million Hampton Inn & Suites Manistee Waterfront’s construction has taken a little longer than originally expected due to supply chain problems, says Peter D. Beukema, CEO and founder of 6 PM Hospitality Partners LLC. “We had a couple of issues with elevators and electrical switchgear,” says Beukema, whose company manages the new Manistee Hampton. “Switchgear has been an issue nationwide with every construction project … I’ve heard stories of electrical contractors building their own, rather than just buying it because they just can’t get it in time.”

The new Manistee Hampton will have 102 rooms. CREDIT FOR RENDERING Ghafari Associates

The new Manistee Hampton is built on the site of the former Lakeshore Motel, which was torn down in 2022. Fifty of its 102 rooms have water views and balconies, with balconies also offered in king suites that face the city as well. With five stories, it includes an indoor pool, indoor/outdoor hot tub, and a beach bar. Its fifth-floor restaurant, The Windward, overlooks the Manistee Channel and Lake Michigan, with a view up the river to downtown. The new Manistee Hampton is surrounded by parkland with swing sets, tennis courts, a boat ramp, and sandy Lake Michigan beach about 800 feet away.

“The ships are coming in and out of the port usually a couple times a week in the summer, so there’s a lot os shipping action going on there,” Beukema says. “If you go out the west side of the building, it’s all sand to the water’s edge. The views and the opportunities are going to be really awesome at that property.”

There’s designated meeting space for about 30. “It’s connected to the restaurant space via partition wall, so for smaller events we could do a buyout where you would take over the restaurant and meeting space, and could get up to 100 (attendees),” he notes.

Bookings are being accepted for stays and events starting July 15.