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Studio Tour of Style-Architects

By Ada Walton

Style-Architects is an all-inclusive creative cooperative specializing in event-planning, public relations, branding, styling services and wedding planning, located in the hip North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis. Minnesota Meetings + Events met with Rachelle Mazumdar, the cooperative’s director of events and weddings who has more than eight years of experience planning conferences, corporate and non-profit events.

MNM+E: What features of this office encourage creativity?

RM: The open floor plan, expansive windows and charming character make me happy every time I come to the office. I love opening the windows, feeling the breeze and listening to the bustle of the neighborhood. It’s very calming during the hustle of the summer event season. The open floor plan is also convenient for our weekly in-house group yoga class, and the conference room makes our weekly collaboration meetings easy.

MNM+E: The décor and layout plays into the open atmosphere. How would you describe it?

RM: Our desks are set up in an open floor plan to encourage creative conversation between divisions. It’s great to be able to spontaneously throw an idea or question to the group, and get immediate response from so many great perspectives.Our décor is simple but beautiful.Clutter makes my head spin!

MNM+E: What about the neighborhood? Do you find it contributes to your work?

RM: [The North Loop is] an up-and-coming area, surrounded by creative businesses and the energy of downtown Minneapolis. We have tasty, fabulous options for breakfast or lunch meetings- Moose & Sadie’s, The Monte Carlo, Be’Wiched- and it’s so convenient for our clients.

MNM+E: What gets your creative wheels turning?

RM: We get inspiration from all magazines-trends and inspiration can be found in everything from culinary to fashion to home decor. I love Pinterest; it’s a great tool to use with clients.Camille Styles, Martha Stewart and Kate Spade are among our favorites, but I also love pulling from online event publications from the coasts for a different perspective and as a hint to upcoming trends.

MNM+E: Music is another big office-wide passion. What do you listen to?

RM: We play a wide variety of genres, but the one constant is that there is always music playing! It’s a little tricky calling a vendor with Prince in the background, but sometimes I need my fix! On Pandora we often frequent the French Cafe/Pop, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Janet Jackson stations.

MNM+E: Style-Architects has a mascot. Tell us about Giselle the Gazelle.

RM: Well, we’ve been told it isn’t actually a gazelle, but we love it anyway! The juxtaposition of the white papier-mache taxidermy blends our design aesthetic with our Midwest roots-chic and quirky.

MNM+E: Who are your go-to people when you’re stuck on an event?

RM: Our team. We all bring such varied experience to the table; I really value their opinions. Plus, it’s no fun working in a vacuum!

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