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A Little Razzle-Dazzle on the Table

Tablescaping can add pizzazz to events with designs that are both elegant and colorful

By Todd R. Berger

When was the last time you planned an event—large or small—at which attendees could not stop raving about the gorgeous table displays? Enter tablescaping, a service in which a professional designer assembles a variety of items—from fresh flowers to vintage china—to create a beautiful table setting that, if done well, will elicit strong emotions in many who gather.

“I get a lot of pleasure from when a client sees the tablescape after I have set it, stands back, and says, ‘Oh, my goodness! I never would have thought to combine these elements to make such a beautiful table,’” says Amy Leyden, owner of Kaleidoscope Table Settings in Minneapolis, whose tablescaping service specializes in small gatherings of up to 12 attendees.

A spring table from Vintage Soirees
A spring table from Vintage Soirees || Photo by Jenna Carlin

Tablescaping also can bring in a little “razzle-dazzle” to your table settings, says Tess Rockwood Hoag, owner and CEO of Vintage Soirees in Eden Prairie. She notes, “Eye candy and dopamine-boosting decor is a current trend, and vintage pieces hit all those pleasing circuits. A few eye-catching details don’t go unnoticed and really boost an event or meeting.”

Myra Patterson, owner and designer of Rison Design in Spring Lake Park, focuses on the green elements of tablescaping. She says, “Sustainability is integral to our designs. We emphasize the use of glass, ceramic, and textiles over single-use items. If acrylic material is used, we repurpose and reuse.” In fact, all three table-scapers mention the sustainable elements of their craft. Hoag adds, “Reusing is often overlooked and is so important for our planet.”

But where tablescaping really shines is in the carefully chosen individual items in the settings. Hoag has made use of old clocks, disco balls, glass bunnies, pearls, and lots of whimsical flowers in teapots for her tablescapes. Leyden has incorporated everything from Czechoslovakian cut wineglasses to deer antlers.

Just about any event can be elevated by tablescaping, including corporate gatherings. Hoag says, “Being whimsical and cheerful and bringing in those extra details transforms your event from standard to dreamy.”