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Embrace Virtual Reality in St. Louis Park

The suburb's REM5 VR Lab transports attendees into the future with engaging team-building experiences

By Linden M. Bayliss

Person experiencing virtual reality at REM5 VR Lab
REM5 VR Lab offers a fresh option for team-building experiences || Photo by Twin Birch Studios/Mike Levad

St. Louis Park’s REM5 Virtual Reality Lab transports corporate trainings and team-building events into the future with its virtual reality (VR) experiences for groups. VR is an engaging way to bring groups together through a shared—and in many cases, novel—experience.
VR is comparable to a video game requiring a headset—it’s a computer simulation in which the participant’s body controls what happens in the game in real time. REM5 offers experiences for groups of up to 150 in the 6,000-square-foot space, with full buyout options available for larger events.

“REM5 VR Lab helps companies and teams go beyond the traditional and mix it up with something fun, new, and exciting,” says Brian Skalak, head of marketing and special events at REM5. “We work with groups to figure out exactly what will make this year’s event better than ever and make it happen.”