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Small Meetings Offer Big Potential

By Kate Anastasi

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Radisson Blu Mall of America’s FireLake Semi-Private Dining Room || Courtesy of Radisson Blu Mall of America

As work spaces and schedules have changed over the past three-plus years, so has something else: the demand for small meetings. Whether a company gave up or downsized office space and now needs a spot to hold a gathering, or a board of directors is looking for a meeting location, the demand for efficient and enjoyable small meetings is high. Even with small meetings, there’s always potential—and each client, no matter the size, deserves top-notch service and creativity.

Many smaller meetings are on a short-term booking schedule, often from only six to eight weeks or less, which means planners are looking for an easy one-stop shop. Make sure to offer options for everything planners might need—even if you don’t have it all—such as hotel accommodations, dinner, and entertainment, in addition to the meeting space. Partner with your local convention and visitors bureau or chamber of commerce for ideas and options to connect with other businesses so you can present a small meeting schedule that does it all and include as many details as possible up front to limit back-and-forth—time is of the essence.

Do not leave your creativity by the wayside just because the meeting might have fewer people—make the event feel special no matter the number of attendees. What could this look like? At Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington, our team loves thinking outside the box and has created unique offerings including intentionally integrating all five senses into events—no matter how small—such as serving French press coffee in-room to bring a fragrant aroma to an afternoon pick-me-up or playing themed music to set the tone. Consider incorporating trends, including unique breaks with color themes, nostalgia, food and beverage pairings, and more. At Radisson Blu Mall of America, we have worked to perfect the uninterrupted meeting with our “Bistro Blu” offering that allows guests to select their courses from a restaurant menu at the start of the meeting and having the staff serve the meals on individual trays, allowing attendees to maximize time together while still enjoying a premium multi-course meal.

We all know relationships matter, but in the case of smaller meetings, they can be even more vital to your present and future. Build that relationship from the very first point of contact and become a trusted resource for their first call when they need something down the road. And don’t forget to pick up the phone and connect when the event ends. Even if you just leave a voicemail, this often-forgotten touchpoint adds a personal touch that can go a long way toward boosting a solid connection. The frequency of smaller meetings is increasing, with more and more opportunities on the horizon. By putting the same amount of attention and service into small meetings as you would a larger event, you are setting yourself up for success now and in the future. Provide valuable knowledge and ideas to create seamless, exciting events, and think big with long-term potential.