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NodesNow Inc. to Furnish Marriott Hotels With Collaborative Meetings Technology

NodesNow Inc. to bring collaborative small meeting technology to Managed by Marriott hotels nationwide

By Todd R. Berger

9.20.23 NodesNow Inc. board v2
NodesNow Inc. board 86-inch 4K display | Courtesy of NodesNow Inc.

Minneapolis-based NodesNow Inc., a meeting technology company that seeks to change the experience in the small meeting room space, came to an agreement with Marriott International Inc. to make its collaboration technology available to Marriott’s Managed by Marriott hotels in the U.S., with plans to expand to additional markets in North America.

In an era where seamless collaboration is paramount, NodesNow Inc. redefines the meeting experience by eliminating the necessity for multiple in-room devices. NodesNow Inc.’s groundbreaking “Collaboration Eco-System” will help meeting participants engage in on-site and hybrid meetings in an interactive and immersive manner, delivering outstanding quality and engagement.

Bid farewell to the days of struggling to be heard or seen during hybrid meetings. The high-contrast 4K multitouch screen of NodesNow Inc.’s Collaboration Eco-System guarantees a visually captivating experience for meeting participants. The integrated microphone and speaker system ensures exceptional audio quality, capable of capturing even the faintest whispers from the back of the room. The cloud-based collaboration space empowers meeting participants, whether local or remote, to actively contribute by sending sticky notes, sharing files, and collaborating seamlessly.

Looking ahead, NodesNow Inc. is committed to continued growth and collaboration of advanced features and user capabilities. These revolutionary tools will enable meeting hosts and participants to optimize all aspects of meetings, from preparation to execution and continued dialogue after the meeting ends, while upholding the core principles of exceptional meetings.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Marriott International by offering our revolutionary meetings technology to its managed hotels and providing new technology options for today’s innovative meetings professional,” says Sir George W. Buckley, chairman of NodesNow and former chairman, president & CEO of 3M Co.