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DetroitWick Adds a Few Scents to Company Branding and Events

By Holly Fritz

Looking for a custom branded product, an on-site experience or a curated event space?

DetroitWick, located at the south end of Detroit’s Eastern Market, can fulfill all three. The growing business focuses on merging the gap between company and customer through scent branding.

“We are a gallery manufacturing space that specializes in three things: designing fragrance for brands; creating sculpture; and curated events,” says owner and Creative Director Doug Schwartz.

During his years of working retail, Schwartz began recycling glass to fuse into his now signature creation: candles. “I would take anything from a champagne bottle and a pop bottle and use those to make candles. I’d also create the scents myself, and people loved the fragrance so much they said they wanted me to create something unique exclusively for their brands.”

Once Schwartz opened DetroitWick in 2016, his company fulfilled its promise of creating corporate gifts and branded products. “I use both scent and sculpture to create really unique premium products for clients. I really leverage my overall manufacturing so that I can offer an incredible price point,” Schwartz explains.

Select items are available to the public for purchase as well. “I’ve figured out a way to develop that strategy where every customer can come in and buy one thing, but also something unique for a client to sell.” 

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, DetroitWick also uses its bright and airy 1,200-square-foot space to offer visitors and planners a “sensory experience.” Groups of varying sizes get to walk through the fragrance development process, and at the end can create their own customized scent.

DetroitWick also offers curated events, from corporate functions to weddings and baby showers.