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European Hospitality in the Rockies at The Sonnenalp Hotel

By M+E Staff

From the moment you approach and step inside The Sonnenalp, it’s immediately apparent that it’s completely different from most ski-town hotels in the United States. The exterior, lobby, staff uniforms, restaurants and meeting space have a distinctly European feel, and for good reason as five generations of the Faessler family have set and maintained the highest standards of hospitality  and service at their Sonnenalp Resorts in Ofterschwang, Germany, and Vail.

In 2019, both resorts celebrated significant anniversaries, with Sonnenalp Vail reaching 40 years of hospitality and Sonnenalp Germany celebrating 100 years. When the small bed and breakfast that inspired the Sonnenalp first opened in Germany in the early years of the 20th century, Vail wasn’t even on the map. As that humble German inn transformed into what would become a celebrated hotel and resort, its founders envisioned opening a location in the United States. In the 1960s, the burgeoning ski village at the base of Vail Mountain became the ideal spot. The modest lodge that the Faesslers established 40 years ago led to the respected hotel that rests at the heart of Vail Village today.