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Injectable Fun at BomboBar

By Megan Ekstrand

What do fluffy Italian doughnuts, CBD-infused shakes and pizza by-the-square have in common? Not a lot, but they are all the craze at Chicago’s BomboBar. With a menu chock-full of customizable sweet and savory options, there’s something for everyone, even for the pups!

BomboBar’s most iconic treat is part-owner/executive chef Fabio Viviani’s Bomboloni. This yeast-raised Italian doughnut is tender and light compared to the dense, cake-like texture of traditional doughnuts and can get even gooier with the option to inject the doughnuts with your choice of filling. These tasty doughnuts can be delivered or picked up for meetings of any size, beginning at a minimum of a dozen. BomboBar will even arrange catering for larger events with fun activations and Bomboloni stations.

“BomboBar’s variety of flavors makes it easy for everyone in the office to find some- thing that suits their tastes because they’re able to opt-out of the available flavors with the classic Bomboloni or choose from flavors like vanilla, Nutella, raspberry, s’mores, salted caramel and more,” says Haley Norman, catering manager for DineAmic Hospitality, which owns BomboBar. “Of course, Bombolonis are always house-made from scratch daily; ensuring every doughnut is served fresh.”

But mouthwatering doughnuts aren’t the eatery’s only star sweets. BomboBar’s Insta-famous shakes, coined Hotter Chocolates, are now available with CBD extract. Topped with edible glitter, a Bomboloni, cookies and cotton candy, these milky Calmer Chocolates are as photogenic as they are delicious. The calming indulgence has proven so popular that BomboBar sold out the first week it was introduced.

Chicagoans are now able to enjoy their favorite Bomboburgers, house-made gelato and dog-friendly “woof-cream” north of the West Loop location. In spring 2019, BomboBar opened a 30-seat restaurant that serves alcohol and additional menu items in the Old Town neighborhood.