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Lufthansa Introduces First-Class Suite Plus

Allegris, the company’s new long-haul product, introduces new planes and improvements to all travel classes.

By Beth Buehler

No longer will you have to work on a tiny tray table, try to hold a meeting across the aisle, and bring a neck pillow in attempt to catch a few winks of sleep on a long-haul flight. Lufthansa is expanding its premium First Class offering with Suite Plus, essentially a private room that is similar to a hotel room. Suite Plus is a separate double cabin with ceiling-high walls, a closable door, large table, and two wide seats that can be combined into a double bed.

Lufthansa Allegris First Class Suite Plus Bed, February 2023
First Class Suite Plus CREDIT Lufthansa

Additional perks include the fact that travelers can warm or cool the seats, connect a mobile device to the entertainment system, and have all personal belongings at hand in the suite’s wardrobe in order to comfortably change clothes. A gourmet menu of meals available at a time requested and enjoyed at the table is another prime highlight.

Allegris Unveiling

First Class Suite Plus will become reality in 2024 on newly delivered Airbus A350s, which are part of Lufthansa Allegris, the airline’s new long-haul product. Lufthansa Group is investing 2.5 billion euros by 2025 and improving the overall travel experience for customers in all travel classes: economy, premium economy, business, and first class.

Lufthansa Allegris First Class Suite Plus Seating, February 2023
First Class Suite Plus seating and big screen CREDIT Lufthansa

Travelers in Lufthansa business class also can look forward to extended space in their own suite with chest-high walls, sliding doors, large monitors, a wardrobe, minibar, and a whole host of features. Guests in business class can choose from six additional option such as an extra-long bed, extra space and work area, and a seat with a baby bassinet.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Suite, February 2023 rendering
Business Class Suite CREDIT Lufthansa

The new premium economy class was introduced on the Lufthansa-owned SWISS last spring, with highlights being more legroom, a foldout leg rest, ability to recline back more without interrupting neighboring passengers, and a travel amenity kit. Economy class won’t be impacted as much but will have a few more options.

New Aircraft

More than 80 brand-new Lufthansa aircraft, such as Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 777-9s will fly to destinations around the world. Aircraft already in service with Lufthansa, such as the Boeing 747-8, will be retrofitted. By 2030, more than 200 new short- and long-haul aircraft will be delivered to the Lufthansa Group’s airlines, which will significantly reduce the average CO2 emissions of its fleet.