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New Sips on Delta Flights

Delta Airlines is welcoming back its tasty dessert cart alongside new beverage options for travelers.

By Amanda Christensen

This year, Delta airlines will offer new on-flight beverage options, alongside welcoming back the return of its famed dessert cart. “Delta looks to continue differentiating the customer experience and deepening customers’ relationships with us with elevated products, choices, and solutions across the journey,” says Emily Pitchford, corporate communications spokesperson for Delta.

The new beverage choices will include the La Fête du Rosé, a pink wine with notes of strawberry grenadine and currant produced by La Fête Wine Company in partnership with the renowned winemakers of Château Saint-Maur based in the heart of St. Tropez, France; along with Tip Top Proper Cocktail’s Espresso Martini, consisting of Counter Culture Coffee’s espresso blend and notes of smooth vanilla bean.

“Tip Top has been Delta’s onboard cocktail partner since 2021, and starting this year, the brand will bring on more cocktail flavors on a rotational program,” she says. “[This will] include classics like Tip Top’s Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini, Bee’s Knees, Negroni, and more.”

Because menu options depend on city of origin, length of flight, and class of travel, Delta’s culinary experience is always rotating and refreshing. “For example, Delta One and first-class customers departing from New York-JFK can now pre-select Questlove’s Cheesesteak made with Impossible or Gramercy Tavern’s signature kielbasa, while Los Angeles customers can enjoy Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s chicken piccata with lemon caper sauce and Calabrian Caesar salad,” Pitchford explains.

By experimenting with the local flavors of the travelers’ city of departure, Delta immerses guests into the culinary culture of the area. And, to create an even more well-rounded dining experience, the airline’s “trolley of treats,” as Pitchford calls it, will be returning with plated desserts, fruit and cheese plates, and a build-your-own ice cream sundae option.

“Customers can indulge with items like opera cake with chocolate ganache; Cowgirl Creamery wagon wheel, Midnight Moon gouda, and grapes; and a vanilla ice cream sundae with a choice of toppings like whipped cream, cookie crumble, fruit compote, and chocolate chips,” Pitchford notes.

The on-flight menus are always expanding and looking for new favorites from customers. And with the help of data collected from overall preferences and post-flight culinary surveys from both guests and crew members, Delta is able to accommodate for the masses when planning each menu.

All images are courtesy of Delta Airlines.