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Brex Expands Group Event Management Opportunities

The fully unified global spend platform launched capabilities to book and manage events for groups with international team members

By Amanda Christensen

Earlier this month, Brex—a fully unified global spend platform that offers corporate cards, expense management, reimbursements, travel financing, and more for businesses to control all spending in one place—launched group events as an expansion of Brex travel. This new feature allows companies to book and manage events and travel for globally distributed teams of any size.

Group of business travelers. August 24, 2023
Group of business travelers || Photo by Alfa27, courtesy of Adobe Stock

According to a prepared statement, the Brex group travel feature allows event coordinators to manage all types of travel needs, from organization and attendee invites to sharing budgets and customizing travel policies. It also makes planning group events easier by having all the necessary tools on one platform, whether it’s off-site company meetings or global team-building events and conferences. Additionally, attendees will also be able to manage their own travel needs across flights, hotels, and car rentals. All of this and more can be handled on the Brex website or mobile app.

“Corporate travel has made a strong comeback, but companies are now more globally distributed than ever before and require a travel and events solution that meets the needs of their modern workforces,” says Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and co-CEO of Brex, in a prepared statement. “With the launch of group events, Brex is the premier offering in the market supporting large enterprise teams with unlimited users in a native experience, so companies no longer have to antiquated, disparate systems.”

Planners and attendees alike will have access to other supportive features from Brex, including a wide inventory of options and rates; 24/7 customer support; exclusive deals with top airlines and hotels; automated receipts and pre-populated expense paperwork; and customizable policies, budgets, and travel options based on a company’s needs and preferences.