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Hilton Aims to Boost Employment

The hotel brand launched an employer brand campaign to bring fresh perspectives to its workforce

By Amanda Christensen

On May 8, Hilton introduced its first large-scale employer brand campaign to highlight career options in a new way. The campaign, “Every Job Makes the Stay,” builds on the success of Hilton’s recent enterprise-wide “Hilton. For the Stay” campaign to boost hiring since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“What makes Hilton such an amazing place to work is the passion and dedication of our people, and we’re continuing to build on that through our new “Every Job Makes the Stay” campaign,” says Laura Fuentes, executive vice president and chief human resources officer for Hilton, in a prepared statement.

A check-in desk at a Sparks by Hilton property. May 11, 2023
The check-in desk at a Sparks by Hilton property CREDIT Hilton

The campaign freshens the perspective of Hilton’s employee marketing by spotlighting current Hilton team members who “make the stay,” showcasing their roles and the impact that hospitality careers offer. “We chose to make team members the stars of this campaign because who better than them to speak authentically about what it’s like to work at Hilton,” Fuentes says. “They are the heart of our business and the best ambassadors to help us find talent for our growing teams.”

Targeting labor challenges and recruiting needs by calling attention to the vast career growth in the Hilton enterprise, the campaign seeks to ensure that Hilton remains a top choice for job seekers, namely those considering front-line work and hourly positions.