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Peerspace Announces Open Door Awards Winners

The online marketplace for hourly meeting and event venue rentals announced the winners of its 2024 Open Door Awards at the end of May

By Amanda Christensen

Peerspace, an online marketplace offering hourly venue rentals for an array of meetings and events, announced the winners of its 2024 Open Door Awards, recognizing more than 600 spaces across 23 cities in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France. This year’s awards also featured eight new style categories in addition to its existing by-city listing: Architectural, Birthday Party, DIY Wedding, Global, Outdoor Event, Photoshoot, Podcast, and Team Off-Site. These winning spaces span homes, lofts, art studios, meeting rooms, fitness studios, coffee shops, and more.

“This year’s Open Door Awards winners include an incredible array of venues where guests can bring their creative visions to life,” says Luke Tarbi, chief marketing officer at Peerspace, in a prepared statement. “These awards honor hundreds of the most incredible spaces around the world—hosting everything from milestone celebrations and themed parties to corporate retreats and workshops to indie film shoots and photoshoots. This year’s winners are a true testament to the variety of spaces on our site—and the unique events that bring these spaces to life.”

Interior of North Point Brewing event space in North Vancouver, British Columbia. July 9, 2024
The North Point Brewing event space in North Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of thousands available to rent on Peerspace. || Photo by Claire Hanssen Photography

There were 10 winners in each of the eight new style categories. The No. 1 placeholders in each category include the following:

  • Architectural: The Goldstein House—Beverly Hills, California
  • Birthday Party: Queen West Art Gallery Event Space—Toronto, Ontario
  • DIY Wedding: Highland House Estate—Los Angeles, California
  • Global: Luxurious Garden Oasis—Pagewood, Australia
  • Outdoor Event: Private Beachside Space—San Diego, California
  • Photoshoot: Vanity Fair-Style Studio—Los Angeles, California
  • Podcast: Cozy Burbank Recording Studio—Burbank California
  • Team Off-Site: Serene Luminous Meeting Room—Los Angeles, California

The No.1 winners by city include the following:

  • Modern 6 in 1 Studio with Natural Light—Atlanta, Georgia
  • Modern Home with Natural Light—Austin, Texas
  • Eclectic and Trendy Loft—Baltimore, Maryland
  • Flexible Loft-Like Allston Studio—Boston, Massachusetts
  • Studio Loft with Historic Charm—Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Upscale Lofts: Studio Space—Chicago, Illinois
  • Natural Light Studio and Event Space—Dallas, Texas
  • Luxurious Loft Video Photo Studio—Denver, Colorado
  • Industrial Studio Loft—Detroit, Michigan
  • NSR Loft One—Houston, Texas
  • Organic Lifestyle Studio—London, England
  • Downtown Loft with a Great View—Los Angeles, California
  • Natural Light Studio—Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Glass House with Beautiful Plants—Nashville, Tennessee
  • Affordable Manhattan Daylight Studio—New York City, New York
  • Studio Photo Tout Équipé en Montmartre—Paris, France
  • Monmartre at Hodgepodge Studios—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Large Natural Light Production Studio—San Francisco, California
  • Editorial Inspired Desert Space—Seattle, Washington
  • Cyclorama Photo Studio—Sydney, Australia
  • Cyclorama Studio and Modern Sets—Toronto, Ontario
  • Loft Garden Oasis—Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Downtown Spacious Modern Natural Light Studio—Washington, D.C.

Winners were determined based on booking data, listing views, host response time, and guest ratings and reviews, all pulled from last year.