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Spend More Time Outside With Getaway Retreats

Getaway, a health and wellness hospitality company, launches Getaway Retreats as a new opportunity for guests to escape to nature.

By Amanda Christensen

Getaway company logo. March 27, 2023
Getaway offers 30 Outposts nationwide. CREDIT Getaway

As group travel continues to rebound since the start of the pandemic, Getaway Retreats seeks to reconnect large groups and corporate partners with the wonders of Mother Nature through personalized itineraries, full-service experiences, and interactive workshops. These curated group experiences will be available to book at Getaway Outposts across the country, which provide tiny cabin accommodations for undistracted free time and are all located less than two hours from a major city.

Tiny cabin at the Getaway Outpost outside Boston. March 27, 2023
Relax and disconnect at one of Getaway’s tiny cabins like this one outside Boston. CREDIT Michelle Watt

“Getaway is dedicated to providing free time in nature to all, and we’re thrilled to extend this offering to large groups looking to build community and connection in the great outdoors for the first time ever,” says Carlos Becil, chief experience officer at Getaway, in a prepared statement.

Each itinerary works to seamlessly match the needs, budgets, and interests of each client through a partnership with Mint Collective, an immersive event company. Event planning aspects from logistics, design and decor, and activities to culinary add-ons and wellness extras are all handled by Mint Collective, and this planning package is well-suited for groups wanting to truly bond with each other.

“At Mint Collective, we believe that magic happens when we are able to get out from behind our screens into nature,” says Jayme Sanders, owner and founder of Mint Collective, in a prepared statement. “We are thrilled to bring authentic connections through meaningful experiences in the outdoors to Getaway guests with the new Getaway Retreats.”

Inside view of fully-equipped tiny cabin accommodation through Getaway. March 27, 2023
The tiny cabins at Getaway Outposts come fully equipped with things like a bed and kitchen appliances. CREDIT Aaron Anil Jacob

Getaway Retreats experiences are now available for booking at all 30 Getaway Outposts nationwide, and inquiries can be sent to retreats@getaway.house.