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Eventrio: A Deeper Dive into the Winter 2017 Infographic

By Morgan Halaska

In our Winter 2017 issues, we’re featuring the tech companies that were part of the 2016 ibtm America TechCollective in partnership with DAHLIA+. Because we can only fit so much in print, read on here for our full interview with Eric Schaumburg, founder/CEO, Eventrio.

Eventrio is an online marketplace and management platform for organizers to simplify the event experience for their exhibitors, sponsors and suppliers.

What are some of Eventrio’s outstanding features for meeting/event planners?

Eventrio helps organizers collaboratively design the sponsorship and event experience for their partners. Organizers quickly create a branded event marketplace, send customized packages, and capture passive revenue, while tracking real time engagement analytics. We also help the buyers determine their objectives for sponsoring and help match them to the best opportunities available.

What was the inspiration for starting Eventrio? When was it founded and where are you based?

Eventrio has been a project we’ve been working on since 2006 to help make the experience better for the exhibitors and sponsors. We are strong believers in helping organizers create the best experiences possible through transparency of data. We are based in Kansas City with a presence in Washington DC.

Do you have any numbers/figures/percentages you can share related to the technology that would interest planners?

Fifty percent of a planner’s time is spent looking for things. Customized sponsorship packages increase event revenue by 40 percent. Here is a link to an entire infographic we’ve put together.