Monday, December 4, 2023
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Off The Map Travel goes green for the holiday

By Dinneen Graff

The largest tourism player in the Arctic, Off the Map, is using its platform to create an entirely new “Truly Green Aurora” experience, focused on combating climate change and creating a deeper connection between guests and the environment.

Based in Longyearbyen, the adventure takes shape from the popular all-day Aurora itinerary in Svalbard. From November through January, guests are invited to experience the Northern Lights via e-snowmobiles powered by renewable energy. Around-the-clock pitch black skies and the amplified silence of nature are only a few things that make this green experience like no other, all while reducing your overall carbon footprint.

“With the world’s awakening to the environmental impact of travel, Off the Map Travel is committed to looking for more eco-friendly options for our clients to enjoy traveling guilt free,” says Johnathan Cooper, founder of Off The Map Travel. “Small decisions when traveling can lead to big impacts! It’s just about knowing what the options are – and our team prides themselves in knowing these first hand.”

The adventure doesn’t end there. For a truly immersive experience into the Arctic wilderness, Off The Map is offering a complimentary ice cave snowshoe hunt and dogsled ride. Complete with warm suits, boots and hats, as well as a tour guide and driving service to and from the dog sled kennel, all you need to bring is your appetite for adventure.

A sneak peak of the ice cave hunt can ensure you’ll find 1000 year old plant remains, ice formations, narrow corridors, large cavities, and much more. The hidden frozen oasis lends itself to beautiful photographs, changing every year as the ice melts and freezes again. The guided adventure concludes with a scenic photo-stop and complimentary bites to eat.

A sample itinerary for a 4-day, 3-night vacation starts at $1,407 per person, which includes private transfers, lodging at B&B Funken Lodge, Northern Lights evening at Camp Barentz, an electric snowmobile ride, dog sledding, a snowshoe hunt, and a tour to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault; an underground bunker where seeds, nuts and plant species are protected against global crisis.

As a designated Sustainable Destination, Svalbard continues to fall victim to increasing climate change. The new holiday experience represents Off The Map’s commitment to creating travel experiences that not only care for the surrounding nature and culture, but also strengthen social values and environmental awareness.