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Palm Beach County Convention Center Expands as Demand Increases

By Kassidy Tarala

As the demand to conduct business events in The Palm Beaches continues to rise, the Palm Beach County Convention Center (PBCCC) has announced plans to increase its physical footprint to accommodate even more groups. The Tourist Development Council of Palm Beach County and Discover The Palm Beaches began seeking proposals from consulting firms to discuss expansion plans on April 3.

Thus far, expansion details have not been determined, but an expansion assessment is underway, which will help decide to what extent the PBCCC will expand and address the need for another Convention Center District “headquarter” hotel. The Convention Center District is located within the West Palm Beach submarket surrounding the PBCCC and Rosemary Square (formerly known as CityPlace).

Events like GMID, political rallies and fitness festivals have been hosted at PBCCC, and with the future expansions, they hope to create a district that will lead to a highly competitive hotel-convention package with an enhanced urban appeal.

An additional headquarter hotel, along with an expanded convention center, would position Palm Beach County with the capacity and resources to compete with many other highly desirable destinations, says Ashley Svarney, senior director of public relations & social media for Discover The Palm Beaches. The new expansion would allow PBCCC to accommodate up to 1,500 event attendees, which would have a profound impact on the local economy by creating local jobs, providing additional tax revenue and lessening the impact of the destination’s seasonality. 

“Our future vision encompasses a continuing product-development strategy that will significantly expand room inventory around the Convention Center and create a powerhouse, mixed-use convention district, which will be able to compete with much larger, second-tier destinations,” Svarney says.