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Portable and Affordable Art for Trade Show Booths and Events

By M+E Staff

BIG Wall Décor challenges the notion that owning large, beautiful artwork is only for the wealthy art connoisseur. With more than 20 years of experience printing for luxury brands, the BIG Wall Décor team uncovered a new print/framing solution that makes it easy and affordable (pieces start at $125) to display large-scale, on-trend artwork in trade show booths, at events, in the office, and at home. 

The company, founded in 2019, works with emerging artists who are paid for each piece sold and have their signatures and Instagram handles in the bottom corner of the fabric print, so buyers and admirers can connect with the artist. 

A big bonus for the meetings and events industry is that the wall art is very portable and can be quickly assembled and taken apart due to the framing system and the fact that ArtFab fabric does not scratch, tear, or fade like typical canvas. 

We asked Brittaney Finnestad, marketing and advertising manager for BIG Wall Décor, about how the company works with the meetings and events industry. The company is headquartered in Spring Lake, Michigan.

M+E: What is the vision for extending your market to the meetings and events industry?

First impressions are everything for meetings and events. The best way to have a wow factor first impression is with massive artwork—we’re talking 6 by 9 feet—and customized signage. The moment your potential customer or client walks in, oversized artwork captures their attention and blows them away. 

But the problem for meetings, events, and trade shows is that transporting massive, customized artwork and signage is really cumbersome and difficult. You’re sweating and shuffling between your car and your booth, both hands full, briefcase slung over your shoulder, and a backpack on your back … it’s not enjoyable and it’s not a good look. 

How can BIG Wall Décor help?

BIG Wall Décor makes impressing potential clients and customers with massive artwork easy. Your custom design is printed on durable, fade-resistant fabric with a silicone edge. You can fold it up and throw it in a briefcase for easy transportation, and the lightweight metal frame is super portable. It assembles and breaks down with only an Allen wrench. When you get to your event or meeting, your massive custom art can be displayed in just a few minutes without any sweat. 

Also, the rapid pace of social media has forced the pace of marketing campaigns to increase dramatically. While it’s easy to switch the imagery on your website to match your newest marketing campaign that is leveraging the latest trend, it hasn’t been fast and simple to update your physical artwork and signs … until now. 

What makes BIG Wall Décor stand out? 

BIG Wall Décor’s innovative two-part wall art system makes it affordable to own oversized artwork. On average, BIG Wall Décor costs two to three times less than the same size canvas. 

Upload your customized campaign artwork to BIG Wall Décor’s website, order a new print, and then swap the old marketing material for your new trending campaign in seconds. It’s so fast and easy, literally any of your employees could swap the print for you. 

How did the idea for BIG Wall Décor happen?

We were on a trip to New York City for a customer install with our parent company, 40 Visuals. We were talking about how cool it would be to bring the 40 Visuals product into people’s homes. There is a huge gap in the wall art industry between original works of art designed by real artists and traditional, generic, over-produced canvases. BIG Wall Décor fills that gap with massive art designed by artists that is available at affordable prices.