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Rebranding of Pole Position Raceway to Enhance User Experience

By M+E Staff

On June 30, Karen Davis-Farage and Eyal Farage announced that their five Pole Position raceway spaces will be rebranded to RPM Raceway, which will continue to be an indoor go-kart racing facility with all-electric and state-of-the-art sites at its locations in Jersey City, NJ, Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY, Farmingdale (Long Island), NY, The Marketplace Mall in Rochester, NY, and Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY with plans for a new location in Fairfield County, CT. The franchisees, Davis-Farage and Farage, decided to rebrand in order to enhance user experience and to expand into new markets.

“We are pleased to officially announce the rebranding of our business to RPM Raceway,” says Eyal Farage, CEO of RPM Raceway. “Since opening our doors in 2010, and growing to five locations throughout the Northeast, our business has evolved significantly. This exciting new direction affords us the opportunity to have complete control over our own brand while providing fully-interactive and engaging experiences at our current locations as we expand the RPM Raceway presence beyond New York and New Jersey.”

The rebranding will include a new mobile app, a modification to the pricing structure, the expansion of certain locations with restaurant and bar options. The app will provide opportunities for racers to access membership QR codes, track news and promos, purchase and schedule races, watch races live, purchase gift cards and more. The modification to the pricing structure will specifically benefit returning members by adding more value.

Both groups and parties can utilize RPM Raceway’s fastest lap format, which includes quarter mile European style racetracks and Italian made go-karts that can get up to speeds of 45 mph. Events that RPM Raceway can host are team building events, corporate events, personal parties, and more. Groups of more than eight can race each other by participating in Arrive and Drive.

Since RPM Raceway’s beginning, CAReS (Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Recovery and thoSe in need) has given more than $400,000 to community causes to serve their customers, as RPM believes in the importance of community in the racing world. RPM Raceway has a policy of never denying donation requests from every school or 501(c) designated charitable organizations called Never Say No Policy.

“Over the past seven years, we have assembled an amazing team to support all facets of our business,” says Karen Davis-Farage, president and co-owner of RPM Raceway. “From management, marketing, customer service, group sales, event planning and more, our team of more than 200 experienced professionals help us deliver a top-notch racing experience for every person who walks through our doors. As such, we couldn’t be in a better position to take the next step by launching our own brand.”