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IMEX Group Chooses Richards to Lead Impact Team

Appointment includes wide portfolio overseeing industry relations, advocacy, advancement, and IMEX Group’s Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy

By Todd R. Berger

8.3.23 Nastasha Richards to Lead IMEX Group Impact Team
Natasha Richards joins IMEX Group as director of impact and industry relations. | Courtesy of IMEX Group

IMEX Group created a new business unit, the Impact team, to manage industry relations, advocacy, and advancement, as well as the company’s wider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. The team’s creation also reflects IMEX’s vision, which is “a thriving global events industry focused on positive change,” the company says in a prepared statement.

The change will be led by Natasha Richards, who IMEX Group appointed as director of impact and industry relations. Working closely with other team members and industry stakeholders, she will oversee all industry partnerships, sponsorships, pan-industry initiatives, and strategic alliances for the IMEX Group. Richards is already well-known and respected throughout the industry primarily for her advocacy role, which centers around the IMEX Policy Forum, held at IMEX Frankfurt each year.

“The creation of this new Impact business unit is a clear demonstration of IMEX’s determination to achieve our ESG goals while also leading and encouraging others to do the same,” Richards notes. “Having a dedicated Impact team also unites several company initiatives with the aim of achieving greater coherence and visibility over time. We also expect this change to feed into IMEX’s employer brand and, most importantly, to create a net positive impact for the global events industry!”

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, says, “Our new Impact team provides us with a single point of focus for all our ESG initiatives, bringing them in line with our company values and adding more impetus to positive change across the whole global events industry.”

The next opportunity for the industry to see some of these initiatives in action is the upcoming edition of IMEX America opening October 17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.