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COVID Prompts Founding of Mixology Mixer

By M+E Staff

As CEO of Miami-based Loni Paige Events, Loni Paige has launched and managed experiential campaigns for high-profile brands such as Bacardi, vitaminwater, T-Mobile, American Express and Target. While many people used quarantine cocktailing as a coping mechanism during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the bars and everyone’s favorite mixologists who needed their own shot of help. Paige set out to do her part by creating Mixology Mixer

The concept helped create jobs for bartenders, chefs and caterers and brought companies and groups together virtually when so many were physically apart. Here’s a look at her journey during the pandemic and the resulting success and expansion of Mixology Mixer. 

The Back Story

With almost two decades of experience working with celebrity events and the spirit industry, Paige quickly pivoted when hundreds of events were canceled and jobs lost due to COVID. Mixology Mixer started off as a way to enable participants to become at-home pandemic mixologists through themed kits featuring a spirit, garnishes and bar tools and expert help through virtual cocktail-making classes. 

For example, Spritz Around the World features three unique spritz cocktails—French Spritz, Italian Spritz and Nordic Spritzand Tequila Times focuses on Apple and Spice, Tommy’s Margarita and Paloma cocktails. During a virtual session, the host mixologist discusses the featured spirit and ingredients; provides tips for making expertly crafted cocktails at home; and allows time for a bartender Q&A. 

Corporations such as Amazon and Nike quickly became clients, taking advantage of a fun and interactive team-building activity during isolation. 

Growing the Concept

Due to the company’s success, Paige soon incorporated culinary experiences such as learning how to make vegan sweet potato donuts, pizza and risotto into Mixology Mixer, along with team-building kits such as Paint & Sip and Just Breathe.

As mass vaccinations rolled out and people returned to work, Paige took Mixology Mixer, originally a B2B digital drink company, directly to consumers with the launch of Club Mix. The subscription-based club delivers a themed cocktail kit monthly, and customers can reorder the alcohol, mixers and gourmet syrups featured in the kits.

Not one to stand still, Paige has launched skinny cocktails (healthy cocktails made with low-calorie, healthy mixers) in partnership with Jackie Figueiredo, a certified nutrition and wellness coach, and will take Mixology Mixer on the road with liquid catering pop-up bars.