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Meet Doug Lane, Chief Novelty Officer

By Taylor Hafner

Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Doug Lane has “selfmade” in his blood. Involved in the meetings and events industry since he graduated from college, Lane was always looking for ways to bring innovation to his career, even in his early days.

After graduation, Lane gave his DJ business a twist by incorporating break dancers and live bands into his tracks. Foreseeing trends in tech production, he began to take on clients looking for new and dynamic elements to enhance their events. From there, he started to take on production roles in tech, creative and management. “I was that theater-tech guy in high school, so those skills instantly applied as I moved over into tech production,” explains Lane.

Today, Lane owns Denver-based Fastlane Productions, a company he built from scratch and one that has continued to amplify for 37 years. Fastlane Productions’ high-bar clients include the governor of Colorado, National Hockey League and several corporations that have requested Fastlane Productions for event after event.

Lane has carved out his position as a force in the meetings and events industry by using an uncanny ability to predict industry trends, attentiveness to differentiation and dedication to the top in technology. “Innovation, always having cuttingedge, top-notch equipment, always being different as far as services … those are successes I’m really proud of,” he says.

His partners and clients are what continue to motivate Lane after nearly four decades. “What makes this industry exciting is partnerships and people,” he emphasizes. “The fantastic Fastlane team creates strategic events through creative collaboration, meeting client needs and using our tools to produce amazing experiences; that is what lights me up.”

Lane credits hard work and the people who surround him as reasons for his amazing accomplishments. “Bottom line for me is my family—my Fastlane Productions family and my personal family.”