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Meet Jorge Sanchez, 2019 Best Supplier

By M+E Staff

Jorge Sanchez
President & Lead Detailer, Hermes Worldwide Transportation


» A seasoned business professional with more than two decades of experience in the banking, aerospace, consulting, technology and chauffeured industries

» Worked for IBM, JD Edwards, FirstBank, TCI, Honeywell Aerospace and Avaya before starting Hermes in 2007

» Since then, Hermes has established itself as a full-service ground transportation company offering a fleet of options from sedans to motor coaches as well as event planning services

Best Things About Working in the Meetings and Events Industry
“The commitment that meetings and events industry personnel make to pull off the impossible never ceases to amaze me. I have never been associated with a more committed group. The attitude is never ‘no’ it’s always ‘let me see what I can do.’ The meetings and events industry always manages to bring calm to the chaos.”

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the Future
“My goal is to develop Hermes into the pre-eminent transportation supplier by providing experienced personnel who understand how to meet the challenges of a fluid event and doing our part to create the wow effect.” Sanchez also emphasizes the importance of making a challenging request a reality as part of the equation. “Clients don’t want to hear no. They want to walk away from the event with a lasting feeling, and our job is to make that happen.”

Advice for People New to the Industry
Sanchez suggests being flexible with service offerings and remembering that “the one constant is change.” He says, “Any competent person can plan an event. To stand out you have to talk to your client and listen to what they want to achieve from the event. Add your personal touch to make it memorable.”

Ways the Industry Has Evolved
“No matter the size of the event, the lead time has shrunk from months to weeks. Clients are demanding more near-demand services in all aspects and are more focused on a personalized experience. When so much of our industry has been commoditized, the personalized experience is what will create a lasting impression.”