Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Breaking Language Barriers with Interprefy

By Kendall Van Horne

Planners know international meetings can be hard to coordinate amidst the language barriers that may exist between attendees. Interprefy eliminates these barriers by providing a convenient and costeffective remote simultaneous interpreting service. Now, the service has launched its newest feature, Interprefy WebMeet, a platform specifically designed for multihub and virtual meetings.

Using WebMeet, event organizers only need to provide three days’ notice to be matched with an interpreter of the appropriate language and industry knowledge needed for each meeting. Interpretation happens in real time, with only a 0.3 second delay.

“[Interprefy WebMeet] is an ideal solution for companies that have international workforces. A near limitless number of people and speakers can join a meeting, listen in the language of their choice and, because Interprefy has developed its tool with the user experience at the forefront, attendees can listen to their chosen language while hearing the original speaker faintly in the background,” says Greg McEwan, Interprefy’s head of c ommunications.

The service’s Classroom feature also helps to keep meetings organized. Participants use a hand-raise function in order to speak, and a moderator can ensure that things run smoothly. “Any attendee can raise their hand and participate on their work station or smartphone with simultaneous interpretation relayed in real-time.”