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Exploring Today’s Design Trends

By Megan Gosch, Morgan Halaska & Kassidy Tarala

Trends Today

Everyone always seems to want the newest thing on the market, but it’s important to ensure that the new is slowly integrated into what a group is used to. Many clients that I work with say, ‘if it’s not broke, why fix it’ … which is true, but slowly incorporating new trends is important to guest retention (especially in a fundraising event setting) and to the energy of the event, it’s what keeps guests coming back year after year. I also think if new trends are embraced, they should be discussed in detail during the pre-planning stages of the planning process to ensure that the budget can support the change. Keep in mind, embracing change/trends doesn’t always have to cost money! —Jen Hansen, event specialist, Event Lab​

In & Upcoming​

I personally really enjoy mixing and matching guest seating arrangements. For example, for a large corporate dinner/gala I like to bring in oversized harvest tables paired with traditional dining rounds. This adds additional texture to an event space, breaking up a standard sea of round tables. I also typically like to have at least two different centerpiece options when dressing over 20 tables, adding dimension and sometimes height to a centerpiece if the venue ceiling allows for it. —Jen Hansen, event specialist, Event Lab

Innovative seating styles are on the way. People, especially in the Minnesota market, are not getting creative when it comes to floor plans, but there’s so much more to experiment with than rectangulars and rounds to change the attendee experience. Guests may be walking in expecting a sea of rounds but there’s so much to play around with things like lounge seating, square options, harvest tables, X-style floor plans and more to create surprising seating styles. —Hana April Chughtai, founder, Hana April Inc.

Bold color patterns or styles and bright, intense color palettes are on their way back as well as the more clean, monotone looks. Make no mistake, an all-white event without color to break things up is a bold look. —Hana April Chughtai, founder, Hana April Inc.

Neutrals are always safe, and gold keeps hanging on, but color has made a great comeback. Reading the tea leaves of this exact moment: the faux greenery, tropical plants and flowers and early ’90s Miamistyle prints which have cannibalized retail this year suggest bold prints and patterns are soon to show up in events. —Ryan Hanson, creative producer, BeEvents

Painted and dyed floral, fall or ’80s colors like mustard and forest green, nontraditional venues and installation-type décor from balloons to flagging tape are on their way in.
—Todd Pinzuti, owner, Bungalow 6 Design and Events

I think repeating one design element has much more impact than a bunch of minimal décor moments. Flagging tape is huge design trend and I have used it on many projects. —Todd Pinzuti, owner, Bungalow 6 Design and Events​

We’ve started to receive requests for installations that can be more interactive. It could be an artful way to ask a big question and get answers from participants or finding ways to truly immerse someone into a piece of art. While we all know a great event is about creating an experience, we’re seeing clients that are looking to add an even higher level of meaning to their events—sending stronger messages that push the envelope. —Emma Geary, client manager, Girl Friday​

With platforms like Instagram— it’s so instantaneous and you can actually see the event and feel like you’re actually walking through it—I think that’s where things will continue to become more immersive. Videos are the next level for events. People won’t just see photos of the event after it happened, they’re being guided through it online. —Hana April Chughtai, founder, Hana April Inc.​

I think we’ll continue to see photo opportunities and interactive installations, but they’ll be more organically incorporated into events. Rather than having a photo booth, we might create a more encompassing lounge that feels less intentioned, but every bit as photographed. —Carly Van Veldhuizen, owner, Girl Friday​


I see chair covers making an exit and trendy chairs being brought into venues to replace standard banquet chairs. —Jen Hansen, event specialist, Event Lab​

Ceiling draping is on its way out. People are looking to spend their money on other, more impactful elements to achieve different looks throughout the evening than just drapery, although there is definitely a time and place for that. —Hana April Chughtai, founder, Hana April Inc.​

While farm to table is still hot in F&B, farm décor is giving way to a cleaner, more urban-industrial vibe. —Ryan Hanson, creative producer, BeEvents​

Blush color palettes, hanging greens, crystal chandeliers, filament bulbs and donut walls are on their way out. —Todd Pinzuti, owner, Bungalow 6 Design and Events​

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