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3 Ways to Integrate Video Creation and Production Into Virtual Conferences

By Monique Elwell

There aren’t enough dysphemisms in the English language for 2020. The good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is coming in 2021, but we still expect to see conferences continue in virtual or hybrid environments. I can safely say that we miss the human element, such as socializing and networking, but I want to acknowledge that there are benefits to virtual.

According to a recent survey by Bizzabo, nearly two-thirds of event marketers believe tools to engage virtual attendees will play a key role in 2021.

So what video creation and production tools can event organizers use to showcase industry experts’ insight and/or research pre- and post-event? Here are a few suggestions.

Think Long-Term and Reuse

Video is expensive and time consuming to manage, so you want to be as efficient as possible. During your next event, film more than you think you need because you can use it during the event, after the event and before the next event.

Choose Your Video Subjects Wisely

Consider filming:

  • Panels and Speakers: You’re probably already filming these, so edit out short segments of these videos to be used later. Or better yet, right after they come off stage (virtual or in-person), ask them to summarize their most salient three speaking points. This saves you the time of sifting through their hour-long presentation and gets you better quality and more exciting summation videos.
  • Delegates: Get attendees to film about what they have learned, what they want to learn or why they came. Your intent here is to get VIP titles as much as possible and to capture the excitement of being there. You want people to watch these videos and say “Hey, if I don’t go, I’m missing out on all the fun, the learning, the networking opportunities, etc.”
  • Vendors: Ask vendors to film. Many vendors can’t afford video production and also would like the credibility that comes from being under your brand. Consider including this as a part of your sponsorship package. You might have silver, gold and platinum levels of their video profiles combined with your distribution.

Offer Virtual Networking Opportunities

Nearly 70 percent of event marketers say it is more difficult to provide networking opportunities when hosting a virtual event. My suggestion: Add a specific networking video product. Invite participants to create video profiles where they can share info about themselves. A good profile outline would be “Introduction,” “Share a bit about my role,” “Share how I can help someone,” and “Share what I want people to contact me about.” Actively distribute and share these videos in a virtual environment that allows people to connect.

Tap into the power of video creation for your event marketing initiatives. Encourage attendees to take you up on opportunities for both live video and pre recorded video throughout your event. Virtual events present a unique opportunity to incorporate innovative tools into your conference, and videos can enhance each attendee’s personal experience and solidify the positive and memorable impressions of your event.

Monique Elwell is the president, chief operating officer and co-founder of Storyvine. Storyvine is a disruptive technology that, for the first time, allows video to be manipulated like data. Monique Elwell’s career started in the mid-’90s, and her responsibilities have spanned finance and marketing & branding. She doesn’t believe in “shiny objects.” Technology must be useful and have appropriate consumer adaption. Elwell is fascinated by how digital technology is changing the cultural landscape, whole industries and businesses.