Sunday, February 25, 2024

Snap & Share

By Bronwen Smith

When you open your phone, which app is your go-to? For most people around the globe, from teens to savvy seniors, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing experiences with friends and family. Posting images to a profile and adding pictures to Instagram stories are modern ways for users to keep others informed on different aspects of their lives. When it comes to hosting events, making an impression on guests is key to a successful event and its impact on social media.

Not only should guests be blown away in person, but it’s important to entice every attendee to share the event on Instagram. Many brands have turned to featuring Instagrammable moments or installations at their events, which are unique elements that instantly draw the attention of guests and their followers on the platform.

One way to make an event Instagrammable is by producing an interactive experience guests can’t resist sharing. An element such as a swing that guests can take photos on not only makes for a great picture, but it allows them to interact  with their  brand. If you’re hosting a product launch or branded event, adding a logo or hashtag to a backdrop behind a swing is a great way to include branding in every shot. If you’re looking to make a statement on Instagram, a flower bomb is the ultimate photo moment and will become the focal point of a venue. For those not familiar, a flower bomb is an installation where blooms are overflowing out of an object such as a vehicle or a phone booth. The key to achieving a memorable flow- er bomb is to add flowers in an unstructured and free flowing manner to make it appear as though the flowers have been growing out of the object for years. Attendees flock to these whimsical installations to take photos and immediately post to Instagram.

Neon signs are no longer relics of the past; they can easily make a stunning flower wall even more Insta-worthy. Whether neon signs evoke a feeling of nostalgia or the bright, bold colors catch your attention, they’re the perfect addition to a photo moment. Since there are a wide array of colors and fonts to choose from, a brand can create a sign that matches its aesthetic. Whether you decide to use a slogan, hashtag or quote, adding a bright, bold and eye-catching branding element will seamlessly slip your brand into every image posted to social media.
How will your event be received on Instagram? Exposure on social media is essential for the growth and reputation of a brand. Whenever an event is hosted to launch a product or showcase a new collection, an event’s presence on Instagram will create buzz and expose your company to thousands of consumers. As you design your next event, keep these ideas in mind. The next time you check your feed, you’ll see countless posts, tags and hashtags highlighting your event and your brand!