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Decorate Your Cubicle for the Holidays

By Nicole Tierney

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about how you can spice up your workplace to add that extra splash of holiday cheer. A bit of decorating will improve spirits around the office and help make those final days working nine to five more bearable.

When choosing what decorations to string up, it is important to remember to accommodate non-Christian religious beliefs. Listed below are five ideas for making the workplace a festive, accepting and cheerful environment.

1. Snowflakes: Nothing says welcome to the holidays more than the sight of snow. We are all dreaming of a winter wonderland, so why not turn your desk into a festive blizzard. Construction paper works the best for these decorations and any color works, especially blue or white. But feel free to get as creative as you’d like! An easy tutorial for cutting the best snowflake can be found here. Once you master the design and cut out as many as you deem fit, grab a piece of string and fit your snowflakes on it in a line. Hang it on your desk or over a doorway!

2. Edible Décor: Fill the office’s communal spaces with bowls and baskets of sweet treats or fresh fruit. This is a nice reminder to your coworkers that you appreciate their hard work and that you’re all in this together!

3. Trees in the house! Winter plants such as fur, pine and holly make for lovely decorative accents! Mini Norfolk pine trees, seasonal poinsettias or a gathering of flowers and holly placed on your desk or in communal office areas will inspire thoughts of seasonal celebration.

4. Ribbons and Bows: Ribbons and bows are another easy solution that project holiday cheer. DIY queen Diana Ryan can show you how to make some pretty amazing seasonal bows at home. Place bows around the office in doorways or on the edge of desks.

5. String of Lights: With winter comes less daylight, and less daylight can cause employees to become glum or unmotivated. Bring in a string of white or colored lights and use nails or tacks to create a base for them to hang on, either around your desk or in hallways. This small trick will lighten up the space as well as moods of those around you.