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DUFL App Saves Professionals Time and Energy

By Jordan Weber

Recognized for consumer service excellence with an award at Dreamforce 2016 and best new travel app in USA TODAY, DUFL is changing the rules of travel. Meeting and event professionals can take advantage of DUFL’s service and enjoy a luggage-free lifestyle.

Through the DUFL service app, customers can order a welcome kit, which is essentially a big suitcase for personal items in inventory storage, and can include trade show and audio-visual equipment. When it’s time to collect items on-site, customers simply indicate their travel destination, arrival and departure dates, and scroll through the images listed in their closet to choose necessary items. DUFL cleans, packs, and ships suitcase(s) for customers, who can send items back through the app once they’re finished.

There are three different DUFL services offered. DUFL service charges $9.99/month for storage, and $99 per trip for standard shipping costs. DUFL Business charges $100/month for storage with FedEx standard shipping, and DUFL Business Pro includes inventory and fulfillment so it’s offered at $200/ month plus FedEx standard shipping.

DUFL co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Graziani says, “DUFL has saved frequent business travelers three hours or more per round-trip by eliminating meaningless chores such as packing, doing laundry, waiting in line and dragging suitcases with them through the airport and to customer meetings.”