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Get to Know Altoona, Pennsylvania

By Sophie Jonsson

With so many people searching for niche, unique vacations, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot. However, if it’s rich history, a variety of event spaces, and a plethora of outdoor recreation activities you’re looking for, look no further than Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The city of Altoona is conveniently located along Interstate 99, two hours east of Pittsburgh. “The location allows conference groups to draw attendees from more than 7 million people within a three-hour radius,” says Mark Ickes, executive director of Explore Altoona.

Whether you find yourself in Altoona for business or pleasure, there is no shortage of things to experience. Check out what’s going on at the state-of-the-art convention center or take a trip back in time and visit a reconstructed Revolutionary War fort site.

For meetings and events, “the variety and value of meeting and event space within the Altoona/Blair County market is advantageous for any budget,” says Ickes. Over the past two years, Altoona has renovated and added 550 hotel rooms, completed a $12.5 million expansion of Laguna Splash water park, and expanded train trips on the Everett Railroad to cel- ebrate Altoona’s deep historical connection to the American railroad.

With an array of award-winning hotels to choose from, Ickes says “this is an exciting time for groups to explore a small destination with big adventures!”