Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Virtual Comedy with Laugh.Events

By Keith Loria

Kevin Hubschmann is a New Jersey-based comedian who has been making people laugh for most of his life. But after not finding as many opportunities to perform live even before the pandemic, he started hosting popup comedy shows in New York City in 2019 under the business name Laugh.Events (pronounced Laugh Dot Events).

“I honestly was just looking for more stage time and to be a part of good shows,” Hubschmann says. “I served as host, so I could do as much time as I wanted, plus I could make sure the show was full of great comics that I knew.”

When the pandemic hit, he decided to take his business virtual, so he could continue performing, although he had to make some adjustments.

“Virtual comedy can be tough because it doesn’t have that comedy club vibe. So instead of a normal show, we decided to do shows for corporate audiences,” Hubschmann says. “This turned out to be the perfect experience, because we are able to hand-select the comics based on the groups. We can personalize it a bit, and we know the audience is not going to act inappropriately and heckle the comics because it’s a work environment.”

Suddenly, there was a great deal of demand for a Laugh.Events show, as companies were looking for interesting ways to connect with their workforce while most were working from home. Plus, bigger comics were now available and were looking for opportunities to perform.

Over the past year, Laugh.Events has put on private personalized comedy shows for big companies like IBM, Dell, Spotify and more. Once things start to get back to normal, Hubschmann plans to continue doing these virtual shows, but he’ll also return to pop-up live shows for corporate and noncorporate audiences. He sees no reason why both can’t be successful.

“We want to come back even stronger when we go back live,” he says. “We’re excited about the future, because we think virtual comedy in the corporate space will continue to be robust, and we’re also going to bring really great comics to the stage.”