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Northwest Event Show Continues to Evolve

By Stuart Butler

Already the region’s largest and most prominent industry trade show for meeting and event professionals, the Northwest Event Show is evolving into an essential show for business leaders and corporate strategists. Businesses use meetings and events to connect with their clients, their team and their community. The potential impact of businessrelated events is limitless.

Recognizing an opportunity to grow the relationship between the event and business communities, this year the Northwest Event Show is pivoting focus by expanding to two full days of networking, education and access to more than 300 exhibitors on the show floor. Attendees will discover resources every business can use to their advantage, from creative inspiration to tangible solutions.

Seattle is a hotbed of innovation, and we see huge growth for our region in the next five years. With the new expansion of the Washington State Convention Center and the accelerating hotel boom—almost 2,500 new rooms over 2018-2019, according to Visit Seattle—the city is perfectly situated to become a national leader in event innovation and trendsetting. The Northwest Event Show has a five-year vision designed to pace this burgeoning growth through a multifaceted model of educational and development opportunities:

» Innovations in event technology
» Sustainable catering and event production
» Personal development through certification
» Targeted networking and panel discussions
» Focused workshop sessions
» Keynote speakers from around the globe
» Branding and marketing trends

An exciting addition in 2019 is the selection of the Northwest Event Show to host the exclusive and sought-after Event Innovation Lab, presented by Julius Solaris of the Event Manager Blog. The Event Innovation Lab is an immersive event-planning training workshop aimed at high-performance agencies and corporate event teams looking to inject innovation into their events. Admission to the lab is through an application, and the activities of each workshop are designed around the challenges those attendees are experiencing, making it a hyper-targeted training.

For exhibitors, the Northwest Event Show is the only trade show to consistently deliver a substantial pool of qualified and engaged planners. With the expansion of the show, exhibitors will play an even more significant role in the overall experience. Highlights include an enhanced Tech Alley, a Wellness Pavilion and targeted panel discussions covering a wide range of topics. This year’s show is kicking off with an infusion of inspiration and event planning trends for 2020 from Julius Solaris at the keynote breakfast on November 13.

Attending the Northwest Event Show is the ultimate networking experience with more than 4,000 like-minded professionals mixing and mingling. Discover your inspiration at the Northwest Event Show, November 13 and 14 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.