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A Mod Summer Table Sets the Tone for a VIP Event

By Written by Natalie Napoleon; Photos by Jung Wi


The texture of the Norman Arch leading into the historic Masonic Temple in Philadelphia inspired this clean, midcentury modern table.


This summer table fit for a special event, such as a chairman’s dinner, features a mix of midcentury design with modern elements. Carolyn Rizzo, head designer of Garnish, says this technique is easily accomplished in décor but challenging to pull off in event design.

Rizzo skillfully sets dinner plates, boldly adorned with stark geometric patterns, upon a luxurious tablecloth featuring a subtle organic, leafy print. Simple matte, long-stemmed gold flatware frames each setting and leads the eye to the vintage water glasses etched with medallion-like patterns, reflecting the curvilinear lines of the tablecloth.

Continuing towards the center of the table, you’ll see a tall arrangement of branches, hand-wired with blush anemones, creating a fantasy dogwood. Surrounding the fantasy dogwood are sprigs of quince plum blooms placed in small bottle-like vases that carry a geometric pattern similar to that of the dinnerware.

“The grandness of the space begs for a simple table as an overly designed table would get lost here,” says Rizzo.