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A Sparkling & Light Table is a Welcoming Site at Summer Events

By Natalie Napoleon

The freshness of the new, clean sunlight inspired Marlene Freeman to design a neutral-colored table that awakens your neurons with the millions of sparkling lights reflecting off the abundance of crystal pieces upon this table.

This table delights the eye with a bevy of crystal pieces featuring a variety of patterns, some etched with straight, sharp lines and others decorated with flowing, organic designs.

Two spring birds—one very alert and precisely depicted pewter finch and one round, content glass bluebird—sit at the base of an organically designed Orrefors crystal serving bowl. Orrefors crystal is produced in what is known as the Kingdom of Crystal, located in southern Sweden and named for Sweden’s Orrefors waterfall. True to the Orrefors name, the curved lines of this piece are reminiscent of flowing water. 

Vintage, creamy white dinner plates, salad plates and deep soup bowls illustrated with bunnies on one side and full heads of cabbage on the other, are stacked upon chargers woven of twigs and fresh greens. Inside the soup bowl, a mossy sphere keeps us grounded in the table. 

Two carved wooden bunnies join us on this lush table—one standing attentively while the other rests easily on his belly, with his out-stretched front paws gracefully crossed. The serving pieces with golden handles are fashioned to appear as budding branches.

Fresh flowers, Christofle silverware, Lenox stemware, Waterford crystal and vintage linens from the designer’s personal collection finish the table with a sense of refinement.

“Give yourself enough time to polish everything before your guests arrive. Check your linens, silverware, crystal and chandelier. Polish, polish, polish the cobwebs, dust and tarnish away. Give yourself plenty of time and don’t wait until the last second,” Freeman advises.