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Staging Concepts: Staging and Social Distancing

By Lauren Pahmeier

As the number of vaccinations across the country increases, the amount of live events and gatherings will hopefully rise with it. However, that doesn’t mean the way people gather will go back to normal instantly: there may be an adjustment period before bars, theaters, stadiums and churches are all full of people again.

 Spacing, social distancing, and creativity will be vital for planners and venues in the meantime, and tools like staging, seating, and more will be crucial for the execution of these.

“All these spaces will have to think creatively: How do they change to create more space? How do they change to allow different types of events?” says Cindy Albrecht, director of sales and marketing for Staging Concepts. 

The Minneapolis-based company offers a wide variety of products such as portable staging, semi-permanent seating, ramps, platforms, risers, and plenty of adjustable equipment that along with many other purposes can assist with perpetuating social distancing and flexibility for venues. One of their newest products, the Uplift, just needs a cordless drill to raise and lower, providing an easy way to change the configuration of stages with simple installation–just one of the things that may be necessary for live events going forward. 

Staging Concepts has provided solutions for several venues in Minnesota, such as Ecolab and Target Field. At U.S. Bank Stadium, Staging Concepts’ suite dividers create private and socially distanced boxes for visitors. However, installations and product choices differ at each location, as each one has different needs. 

“Really, our custom capabilities are what we pride ourselves on, so we don’t force a solution on the customer. We say, ‘What is it that you want to achieve?’ And then we build around what they need.”
As it has been for the past year, flexibility will continue to be critical as we readjust to the reopening of the world, and Staging Concepts will be there to enable it in Minnesota, across the country and around the globe.