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Q&A: Karen Kaufman, CMP, Director, Global Accounts, INNOV8 Meetings + Events

By M+E Staff

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Karen Kaufman, CMP, was recently named the Director, Global Accounts, for Innov8 Meetings + Events

1. What are you looking forward to most in your new role? 

I am looking forward to working with a more diverse clientele, working with one association can be narrow and I enjoy showing my versality in all facets of my experience.

2. How do you think past experiences have prepared you for this role? 

I have had 13-plus years of experience on both the planner and supplier side and that experience has given me exclusive insights that has prepared me to give all of knowledge and expertise to those that are in need of assistance in these trying times.

3. How did you get into this industry? 

I graduated college with a hotel/restaurant degree and worked in catering sales for a while.  I finally had the opportunity to sit down after a few years to determine what I really enjoyed and everything pointed to association meeting planning so that is the path I took.

4. What are you hoping to achieve in your new role? 

I want to diversify my portfolio of clients.  I loved working with one association at a time and now I have the opportunity to give more of myself and offer my expertise to others.

5. What do you enjoy most about the industry? 

The comradery, the relationships I have cultivated and maintained while working in the industry have been the most special.  I feel while there is competition, our industry really celebrates everyone’s accomplishments.