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Signature Drink: Origen

By M+E Staff

In this modern gin and tonic, you’ll find the perfect poolside sipper—one that can be largely assembled in advance. The combination of pretty and complex mezcal from the far reaches of Oaxaca with a lemon grass and exotic spice-infused gin is a fantastic base for the hot summer days. This drink is built in the glass over a prickly pear and cucumber ice cube that is allowed to gently melt and flavor the drink while you kick back, relax and cool off. xochihouston.com

—1.25 oz. Bobby’s Gin 
—.75 oz. Cupreata Agave-based Mezcal (Mezcalero No. 12, Siembre Metl, Tres Papalote)
—4 oz. Fever Tree Tonic
—splash of lime
—garnishments: prickly pear ice cube*; chopped beets; cucumber long peel

1. Prepare Burgundy glass with one long slice of cucumber, one prickly pear ice cube, julienne beets and a straw.
2. In shaker with light ice, combine alcohol and lime. 
3. Give quick shake and strain over ice cube into prepared glass.
4. Gently stir in Fever Tree Tonic. 

COURTESY OF Beverage Director and Sommelier Sean Beck of H Town Restaurant Group, which includes Backstreet Cafe, Caracol, Hugo’s and Xochi (which opened in January in the Marriott Marquis Houston Downtown).