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Step Up Team-Building Activities with Fly Feet Running

By Linda Krein

Looking to step up your team-building activities? Well, look no further! Fly Feet Running, a treadmill-based fitness studio in Minneapolis, combines fitness and team-building to create a funfilled, health-centric activity that the whole office will enjoy. At Fly Feet Running, you won’t just run on a treadmill; all workouts incorporate interval and strength training along with cardio. The best part is that it’s open for all fitness levels!

Founded by Kristin Shane, former vice president and merchandise manager at Target, the fitness studio understands the importance of team-building exercises. During her 11 years at Target, Shane saw the benefits of team-building. “From a leadership perspective, if you’re trying to drive results, you need a super engaged team; and a lot of times that needs to happen outside of the work place,” she says. “As a leader at Target, I tried to find ways to connect with my team in an authentic, personal way. If I could do that, I could build trust, communication, and help people understand each other better. This can lead to a higher performing team, and help achieve higher results.” 

The studio created two options specifically for businesses. These programs help teams learn more about fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle. The first option is called “In It to Win It.” This package includes a 60-minute Tread and Shred workout class, a social hour, full-service amenities, and can fit up to 40 people. The second option is called “The All Out,” which offers everything from “In It To Win It,” plus a 60-90 minute Fly Feet Lifestyle workshop with Aaron Leventhal where you’ll learn healthy lifestyle tips. Fly Feet Running will can also customize the programs for your team’s specific needs and interests.