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Top 250 Report Reveals Large Convention Trends

Orlando moves into the No. 1 position in 2023 followed by Chicago, New Orleans, and San Diego

By Beth Buehler

Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
In 2023, Orlando will host the most top 250 conventions in the U.S. || Courtesy Orange County Convention Center

Destinations International and 2Synergize, a Simpleview consulting company, have released the 2023 Top 250 Report revealing large convention trends. The report examines the destination marketing organization industry’s largest rotating conventions in the United States. The two entities joined forces to analyze the top rotating conventions in the Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database, which is a shared repository of information regarding organizations and their meetings and events. MINT+ is a joint venture between Simpleview and Destinations International, a professional organization representing destination organizations and convention and visitor bureaus worldwide.

In 2023, 233 of the top 250 conventions are scheduled to meet, down from 246 events in 2019. While some of these gatherings meet on a biannual or triannual basis, several events chose to meet virtually so were excluded from the 2023 analysis. Also, it’s important to note that sporting events and local events are excluded from the count.


Among the highlights from the newest edition of the annual report is the fact that 82% of the top 250 conventions will meet in 20 destinations. The South/Southeast region is set to host 38% of the top 250 conventions in 2023, followed by the West/Pacific region at 31%. In terms of states, California is hosting 17% of the conventions, followed by Texas at 12% and Florida at 8%.

Drilling down yet another notch to cities, Orlando will host the largest number of the top 250 conventions with 18 events, followed by Chicago with 17, and New Orleans and San Diego tied at third place with 15. Also in double digits are Boston and Las Vegas (14), Atlanta and Denver (12), San Antonio (11), and San Francisco and Washington (10).

Time of Year

The 2023 Top 250 Report revealing large convention trends also determined that 34% of the top 250 conventions are scheduled to meet during quarter two, with the next largest arrival time being quarter four with 27%. Top months are October (15%), May and June (12%), and April and November (10%). The lowest arrival months are December with 2% and January with 5%.