• New Web-Based Digital Floor Plan Management System Improves Show Planning Efficiency

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    POSTED July 31, 2018

After years of success in Europe as ShowPlans, brand experience company Freeman is bringing its floor planning solution for organizers, sales teams and marketers to the U.S. as Blueprint. "Blueprint creates and stores digital floor plans directly in the cloud with an interface that anyone can use. Everyone has immediate access to current information," says Adam Jones, director – digital products, Freeman.  

Jones says through Blueprint, planners will be able to reap transformative benefits, such as being able to sell space more easily and streamline the sales process. "With real-time visibility, you know which exhibit spaces are available to sell.”

An advanced option, Blueprint Pro, allows clients to share their floor plans with peers, exhibitors, and attendees and embed it into their event site. Attendees will be able to access the floor plan before the show to plan their event schedule, too.

The maker’s movement is alive and well in Colorado. Here are a few ways groups can connect with artisans and perhaps try a little handy work of their own. 

» DRAM Apothecary in Salida offers a line of bitters, syrup and tea using organic and wild Colorado herbs. Stop by the apothecary and send attendees home with the fixings for their own creations (cocktails or otherwise).


Executive chefs and culinary experts at Benchmark, a global hospitality company, have observed recent food trends and curated the top 10 dining trends to look for in 2019.

“Food and Beverage is an ever-evolving realm of experiences,” says Patrick Berwald, Benchmark’s vice president food and beverage. “The opportunity for us is not only to be ahead of the trend, but to understand who tomorrow’s customer will be, what fulfills their needs and how our properties can be ready to meet that demand.”

1. The Tea Party


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