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How to Get Published in Pennsylvania Meetings + Events

By M+E Staff

Why Planners Should Care About Getting Published                                                                          

  • Authoring an article for an industry publication can contribute as many as 15 points toward your ISES CSEP exam qualification and 30 points toward your MPI CMP exam qualification;
  • Getting published increases the visibility of your company; and essentially serves as free advertising;
  • It promotes the exchange of ideas, which in turn strengthens our industry; and
  • One published article may lead to speaking gigs and/or more requests for more articles; an accumulation of this kind of exposure builds industry credibility.

How to Go About Getting Covered                                                                                                      

  • Invite editors to your key events. If it’s appropriate, send an e-mail or press release to both the editor and web editor and ask them to stop by to check out the event for themselves. Your work is more likely to be profiled if an editor as seen it first-hand; and
  • Stay tuned-in to our website, Twitter feed and Facebook page for information regarding article and calendar submissions and story ideas. We also frequently include comments from social media in our magazine.

Different Opportunities for Getting Published                                                                                      

  • Offer to author an Expert Advice column on best business practices or Open Mic piece on event trends;
  • Get your meeting or event profiled by sending snapshots from your latest project with details regarding noteworthy or unique aspects of it;
  • Write a blog post (or two … or three) for our Website. We’re always looking for great Internet contributors.
  • Participate on our Editorial Advisory Board; or
  • Write a Letter to the Editor-we love to get (and publish) your feedback, and other readers enjoy reading other industry professionals’ opinions, too.

Ready to Submit?                                                                                                                                  

Contact Editor Nancy DePalma ( or Digital Content Director Julianna Fazio ( to chat about opportunities for getting published in an upcoming issue of Pennsylvania Meetings + Events.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when reaching out to us:

  • You don’t have to write a whole story or send a hundred photos-yet. Just outline your key ideas and make yourself and any other team members available for our follow-up;
  • Submit your idea via e-mail and submit them as Word documents or low-resolution jpegs; and
  • Be patient. Pennsylvaniay Meetings + Events magazine is published quarterly, so our editorial calendar is often prepared up to six months in advance, so your work may not appear right away.

Where Else Can You Get Published?                                                                                                       

Are we booked? Try submitting your ideas to one of our sister publications!