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Float Above the Clouds

Experience the magic of the Big Apple from a sky-high perspective.

By Ava Diaz

Air: Unity, the fourth chapter of the featured art installation by Kenzo Digital, fuses technology with reflective surfaces to create an immersive visual experience.

The Summit One Vanderbilt

The Summit One Vanderbilt is a one-of-a-kind attraction that provides breathtaking views of New York City. With a collection of six immersive experiences across three levels of space, and a Nordic-inspired food court—Après, by Union Square Events—it makes for the perfect team-bonding outing.

Located inside of the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, it ranks within the top 30 tallest buildings in the world. To bring the size of the massive building to scale, the construction of it consisted of New York’s largest continuous concrete base pour over the course of 18 hours, measuring at a whopping 4,200 cubic yards.

Inside, conceptions crafted by Kenzo Digital take visitors through a four-chapter series called Air. Transcendence 1, the first phase of the experience located on the 91st floor, features a room of reflection that takes visitors into what feels like a structureless space. On the same level, Affinity allows attendees to physically connect with the environment through an array of floating orbs. Going up one level, Transcendence 2 allows visitors to look down on the level below (Transcendence 1) and into 30,375 square feet of mirrors. And Unity fuses digital art into the space to create the feeling that you’re a part of the clouds.

Experience a breath of fresh air on the Terrace which features an outdoor space that wraps around the 93rd floor of the building and provides views of the region for up to 80 miles away—on a clear day, of course.

Additional thrill can be found on the side of the building through Levitation, a collection of transparent sky boxes that sit over 1,000 feet above Madison Avenue. Or take a ride in the world’s largest external glass-bottomed elevator that takes visitors on a journey an additional 12 stories up the side of the building.

Guest reservations for groups over 15 people are available upon request.