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New Service Aims to Improve Workplaces

Boston-based Pyramid Global Hospitality just launched its brand, Hospitality at Work, dedicated to fostering positive work environments

By Linden M. Bayliss

A positive workplace environment means a stronger event-planning team, and a new brand in Boston is here to lend a hand. Pyramid Global Hospitality, a property management and hospitality company based in Boston, Massachusetts, announced the launch of its latest venture this month, Hospitality at Work, a brand dedicated to helping workplaces manage and elevate their overall culture and efficiency.

healthy company culture
Hospitality at Work helps workplaces cultivate a healthy company culture || Photo by Vadim Pastuh, courtesy of Adobe

According to a study published in 2022 by Frontiers in Public Health, the quality of a workplace environment has a significant impact on workers and their motivation, enthusiasm, creativity, and efficiency. Innovative behavior, attendance, colleagues’ engagement, and career management are all influenced by how strongly employees are connected to a company—so it makes sense to prioritize it.

Hospitality at Work operates on a consultive basis; the team will meet companies where they are at and figure out just what will make each work environment stronger. The new brand offers a range of workplace management services such as in-office concierge, cultural programing, leadership training, property management, space optimization, tech support, food and beverage services, and more.

“With employee satisfaction more important than ever before, a positive culture can differentiate an organization,” says Ellen Sinclair, creator of Hospitality at Work, in a prepared statement. “Employees are more effective when they are working together in a supportive environment with people around them who celebrate their engagement. We’re creating more than a positive team dynamic—we’re building workplace communities through the principles of hospitality.”

Pyramid Global Hospitality operates more than 240 hotels and resorts around the world and brings more than three decades of management experience to its new undertaking.