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The Connecticut Connection

Candy Iannucci-Guay embarks on a new role in her home state

By Ava Diaz

Traveling has always provided Candy Iannucci-Guay with the utmost joy. And with a fascination for diverse eats and distinctive venues, and for discovering newfound gems across the nation and beyond, Iannucci-Guay found that the hospitality industry was the best way to connect with her passion for hitting the road. 

Headshot of Candy Iannucci-Guay. June 19, 2023
Candy Iannucci-Guay at the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau offices in Middletown, Connecticut || Photo by Tail Lionetti

Working in the hospitality realm for nearly 30 years, she carries with her an extensive background in the hotel industry, tourism sales, and event management—and as of this past January, she is the director of national accounts for the Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal (SMERF) markets with the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau, based in Middletown. “I get to do the fun stuff of sharing everything there is to offer,” she says. “I get to send the leads to the hotels and venues and do … what I would call the ‘fun stuff’ of providing the clients with great things to do here. I get to sell the great state of Connecticut.” 

Born and raised in the state, Iannucci-Guay takes pride in promoting her home as an intriguing destination for conventions, meetings, and events. However, despite having lived here for much of her life, she says she is still discovering new places and neighborhoods to see. “As one who was raised here, I kind of just stayed in certain areas. So, learning about the whole state has been great.” 

Her favorite part about Connecticut is its versatility with natural, outdoor experiences like hiking and tours along the coast, but she also enjoys its urban attributes and historic charm—plus its convenient location between New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. “[Connecticut] is the best of both worlds,” she says. 

Expanding her knowledge to provide planners with a diverse selection of venues, team-bonding activities, overnight accommodations, and convention services, Iannucci-Guay says it is her job to make everyone feel comfortable and content when they are away from their home. 

“I just enjoy being with people, being around them, and making them happy,” she says, crediting her welcoming nature to her rich Italian heritage. “Making people happy is what has kept me in the service industry for the last 30 years.”