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Transformations All Year Long

By M+E Staff

It’s just a few days before the end of the new year, which means that everyone’s asking what my new year will bring. What changes do I plan to implement? Maybe it will be a healthier diet, sticking to a budget or getting to the gym more, but it got me thinking…our industry is all about transformation. Whether it’s changing opinions or simply changing the look and feel of a venue, meeting and event planners reinvent every day of the year. Here’s a recent story from industry vendor Drape Kings that is sure to put a smile to your face…

When your client is a 183-year old institution adjacent to, quite possibly, the most famous battlefield in history, ordinary just won’t do. That’s why when Gettysburg College called for a room transformation for their Gettysburg Great Campaign kickoff reception to fundraise endowments, Drape Kings had to bring their A+ game to the school. Drape Kings, a high-end drape and décor company with offices in New Jersey/New York, Washington DC and Chicago, was subcontracted to turn a college gymnasium into an elegant multi-room gala setting. Across three states, three crews were utilized in setting up the September 20th affair, implementing round-the-clock installation of event carpet and lush draping. Adhering to the school’s colors of orange and blue, Drape Kings installed 15,000 feet of event carpet in horseradish, cobalt and fiesta (orange). The carpet covered everything from the floors to the risers and even the stage.

Drape Kings also installed over 1,000 feet of 22’ high latte-colored drape, which drastically changed the entire landscape of the interior. The Gettysburg Great Campaign’s welcome reception saw over 400 guests in their newly converted space. In conjunction with other talented event vendors such as Hargrove, Inc., Enduce, LLC, VPN Events, and Event Tech, it was nearly impossible to tell that the stunning room was ever a gymnasium at all.