Friday, July 19, 2024
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Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland Offers Visitors “Me” Time

By M+E Staff

All of us can benefit from a little “me” time, now and again—especially in the middle of a full day of meeting and conference sessions. However, if you’re not an overnight guest of the host hotel, the options for private space are extremely limited.

That’s why Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland was inspired to introduce its new Quiet Room. The 100-square-foot space is somewhere guests can simply hit pause for a minute, whether they’re a nursing mother in an all-day meeting or just need a moment of Zen. Located on the fifth floor, the intimate and private space can be requested to pray, meditate, brainstorm, roll out a yoga mat or whatever temporary use it’s needed for—no charge, no questions asked.

“The idea for a Quiet Room started when we realized that the needs of all meeting goers weren’t being met by an available guest room, event space or business center when they required a moment of privacy. We then set out to develop a comfortable and inclusive space that could be used for a multitude of reasons, including individual prayer, meditation, nursing, etc.,” says Robert Hannigan, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland’s general manager. “There was a small amount of square footage to work with, but our team put a lot of thought into the layout. We consulted with new moms, religious leaders and yoga practitioners to ensure it was conducive for all the personal uses we identified. Feedback so far has been phenomenal.”

Guests just have to stop by the front desk to log in and they’ll receive the key to 30 minutes of uninterrupted alone time. Sounds lovely!