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Monday Night Golf Turned ‘Eatertainment’ Venue

By Amanda Christensen

After a recent move from California to Bend, Paul Gerber had no idea what his future held in the Beaver State. During the same time, his friend Tim Kerns had also moved to the area, and the two signed up for a Monday night indoor golf league to get out, meet people, and enjoy an evening on the golf simulators in the dead of winter. The league was held in a small, slightly run-down joint with small appetizers, beer, and a tiny TV to watch Monday night football. 

And they loved it. “We looked forward to Monday nights for the six weeks we were doing it,” says Gerber. “[Then we started thinking], what if we did this on a bigger scale with, you know, a big restaurant, and … nice, new, updated golf simulators, and maybe live music?” 

Their unspoken wish was granted when the original tenants of the building moved out, making their idea for the restaurant and entertainment venue more and more plausible—and Walt Reilly’s was born, with Gerber and Kerns as its owners. 

The renovated 11,000-square-foot indoor venue with an outdoor patio opened in July 2021. The space is home to a 10-hole indoor mini golf course, seven pinball machines, three state-of-the-art Golf Zone golf simulators, a live music stage, a bar, and a restaurant. 

The restaurant serves up an array of sports game fare including burgers, rice bowls, appetizers, and finger foods. “We kind of call it an elevated-casual menu,” says Gerber. The eatery’s chef also crafts a special burger every week, “and they’re just amazing,” Gerber notes. 

The venue can hold up to 450 people, and big groups are always appreciated when visiting. Walt Reilly’s can customize the space for just about any event, from birthday parties with a band, to more intimate, corporate gatherings. Full buyouts are available, as well as individual spaces for rent, such as their Private Living Room which is smaller in size and can be closed off from the rest of the venue, with a capacity of 25 people. 

Their outdoor patio is also available for rent year-round and can host up to 85 people. “Our motto is, ‘We just want to say yes,’ we’ll figure out how to make it work for you and us,” Gerber says. 

And don’t forget there’s more to an event at Walt Reilly’s than just good food and personalized event space—the golf simulators and other activities are available for rent as well. The simulators can be rented by the hour, and the staff can estimate cost based on the size of the group and how many holes they want to play. 

“[It was a] pleasant surprise [to see] how well the activities have gone together with the dining experience. It’s been really fun … people enjoy it, it brings energy,” says Gerber. 

Even as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, Bend’s Walt Reilly’s offers groups year-round golfing fun, good food, and event options that make any gathering one to remember.